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  • Cabin Fever Map
  • Cabin Fever Map [Inside]
  • Dark Moon Map
  • Dark Moon Map
  • Snow Island Map
  • Subway Map
  • Subway Map [Inside]
  • Temple of Doom Map
  • Temple of Doom Map [Inside]


“Nothing is impossible to kill. It's just that sometimes after you kill something you have to keep shooting it until it stops moving”

― Mira Grant


Join and start your war against the undead. Play on the most realistic Call of Duty Nazi Zombies minecraft server ever! We have HD guns, sounds, and custom plugins to ensure that you get the most out of your Minecraft game-play. Join now with friends and strategize, coordinate and fight together against endless waves of the undead. Save your points and buy perm guns, rank up and receive new commands, donate for extra items. Our game-play is almost identical to that of Call of Duty Zombies. We include many guns, all have different range, accuracy, damage, reload speed, etc. We have the mystery box which enables you to get guns you cannot buy such as the Ray Gun or Mini Gun. Play on many different maps and request new features. We want to give you guys an experience you have never had before playing Minecraft!

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To start playing join this server: play.zombie-craft.com